Born damned the comic


born damned title 3012

cover and art created by Jessica Reader(c)2016

Just realized, how bad this post was. So please allow me to rectify it.

As of now, it has been well over a year since I posted my creator owned comic Born Damned. And as the few of you who read my posts do know.  a good portion of it has been re-uploaded on the site with updated material. It is also been updated on the other sites as well.

I have also been thinking of releasing a novelized version of the story in the near future as well.






The Tragedy of Death An Anthology of dark things

Alright, I know that I have had this posted for quite awhile, and I have changed the title, at least, three time’s already.

but I figured I would update this post properly and I mean properly, but as I explained before this book is still a work in progress meaning I have been writing to add work to it, now as for the work it’s based in a pretty dark variety.

and as for where it currently resides long story short I have an un-edited proof-reading copy of it sitting on watt pad  for reading purpose’s only at this point. but anyway once the book is completely finished I will post here on where it will be going next I mean if it’s going to be an ebook or print copy I will let you know.
The Tragedy of deathBut anyway, before I leave it at that this book is not exactly for the faint of heart and happens to touch on like I said the darker things in life, death, murder, suicide etc. so I just thought I would bare you the reader a fair warning…